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colton fouch.

IT Systems Analyst / Patagonia / Gamer


IT System Analyst - Patagonia / 2018 - Present

IT Systems Analyst for North America. I troubleshoot issues with a ticket tracking system, while I manage the enterprise's macOS devices with Jamf Pro.
Alongside that I'm additionally helping keeping the enterprise secure with implementing Centrify.

 Jamf Admin

about me.

colton fouch is a systems analyst of information technology, with experience managing devices with multiple different platforms
such as jamf pro, sccm & centrify. his background with device management, video conferencing, and security mindset makes sure
the user experience is the best it can be while keeping the enterprise secure and seemless. colton is fueled by his passion for
understanding the needs of the end user. he considers himself someone who will continually grow his knowledge in technology
and stay in tune with the needs of employees.


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